Part Time Killer (PTK) and Tepuiboards collaborating in this opportunity to release this collectible Deck. Not many produced, so it will be a very exclusive Deck to have, sure it's a professional Skateboard made to take the abuse, but is so pretty that you might want to just hang it on the wall, but of course, we don't judge.


TEPUI skateboards in size 8.25". These stunt skateboards are made for professional skaters, but can also be used by experienced skaters and beginners. With a width of 8.25", these skateboards are best suited for young and adults as the extra space on the deck is good for landings and during special tricks.

Tepui PTK Deck 8.25

80,00 € Regular Price
70,00 €Sale Price
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  • Specifications:

    • The shape of the deck is classic Popsicle: the nose is slightly longer than the tail and the concave provides a secure stance.
    • The actual colours may vary from the product images. Some skateboard decks have different dyed veneers or bottom colours to what is shown.
    • 8.25" High concave.
    • Width: 20.96 cm Length (inch): 31.5 inch Length (cm): 80.01 cm
    • Skateboard Features: Standard Popsicle shape
    • Wheelbase: 14 inch