TEPUI MAMMOTH is a top-class longboard in the highest quality. It is especially suitable for the cruising  downhill riding style and therefore skaters who love excitement and speeding down hills.
Of course, this does not mean that a beginner or casual skater, would not be able to use this longboard for cruising and easier freeriding.

The deck for TEPUI MAMMOTH consists of 7 or 8 layers of Finnish Birch. The Finnish Birch and makes the deck strong, stiff, somehwhat forgiving and incredibly durable. The concave for the longboard is low, which means that you will be able to stand really well with a stable grip for the feet, and thereby also get improved responsiveness on your rides.

With large and wide edged wheels, which have a hardness of 78 A and ABEC-11 ball bearings - you get wheels that provide comfort and high stability on your rides. As well as wheels that are better at keeping speed and steering at higher speeds.

The longboard has trucks of the size 7", which are bottom mounted. These keep you higher above the ground and contribute to a superb traction. You also have plenty of room for your feet, so you can stand better on the deck when it goes fast down hills.

As a directional longboard for downhill cruising with wheel-wells at all 4 wheels, you get a longboard with the highest performance. Maximum control to steer at the nose and high stability at the end of the longboard, so you can really knock it out of the park when riding downhill. Wheel-wells prevent the deck and wheels from hitting each other when you swing and push down on your board.

If you love cruising downhill and love to take risks where speed and downhill riding are involved - then you will definitely benefit greatly from TEPUI MAMMOTH.

Remember that it is highly recommended to wear a helmet when skating the downhill style for longboarding.

    Tepui Mammoth Longboard

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    • Specifications:

      • 7 or 8 Layer 100% Finnish Birch Construction
      • 100.5 cm long x 26 cm wide (39,75" x 10")
      • Low Concave 
      • 69 cm (27,75") Wheel Base
      • ABEC-11  Bearing
      • Wheel Size 62mm
      • Quality Truck 260mm