TEPUI skateboards in size 8.25". These stunt skateboards are made for professional skaters, but can also be used by experienced skaters and beginners. With a width of 8.25", these skateboards are best suited for young and adults as the extra space on the deck is good for landings and during special tricks.

    Tepui Deck EL-OJO 8.25"

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    • Specification:

      • The shape of the deck is classic Popsicle: the nose is slightly longer than the tail and the concave provides a secure stance.
      • The actual colours may vary from the product images. Some skateboard decks have different dyed veneers or bottom colours to what is shown.
      • 8.25" High concave.
      • Width: 20.96 cm Length (inch): 31.5 inch Length (cm): 80.01 cm
      • Skateboard Features: Standard Popsicle shape
      • Wheelbase: 14 inch