Riding style
The board is suitable for street and park skating.

The shape of the deck is classic: the nose is slightly longer than the tail and the concave provides a secure stance.

Note on skateboard colours
Actual colours may vary from the product photos shown.
On some skateboard decks, the veneers are coloured differently.


Skateboard Colour Disclaimer
The actual colours may vary from the product images. 
Some skateboard decks have different dyed veneers or bottom colours to what is shown.


  • High concave for versatility

  • Width: 20.96 cm
  • Length (inch): 31.5 inch
  • Length (cm): 80.01 cm
  • Skateboard Features:Standard Popsicle shape
  • Wheelbase:14 inch



EL-OJO Skateboard Deck 8.25"

65,00 €Price