Every Day

Old School
Foward Thinking

Small enough to call Us Old School but always thirsty

to never stop challenging ourselves.

Constantly and perpetually investigating new trends
and production methods.

Quality Control
Customer Support

We strive for the best and we don’t cut corners

producing and developing products

Never too late or too tired to find the best

solution for your peace of mind

Skateboard Ollie
About Us

We are just Skateboard riders that became Longboard riders who decided to become Board makers.

In our youth, we were just kids jumping around and dreaming about becoming the next Mullen, Caballero, Hawk, etc, skateboarding before and after school, weekends, day and night. Eventually, we all become husbands, dads, and in charge of our “responsibilities”. We lost some hair and grew some grey ones instead, but no matter how old we get we will always be the same kids with the same passion for skateboarding.

We are adventurers, and sometimes passion can put you on a long road somewhere. Paths are full of crossroads and we end up meeting in one of those points, from there we decided to carry on together in a particular journey that unite us all.

“Tepuiboards – Your Riding Story Every Day”